Solar Sparkies helped me from start to finish in our project to install a 20kW solar system for our property. Mick was helpful and professional from the beginning. He knew what he was doing and was able to quote me a system that fitted our needs and met our requirements. Mick also gave me the option of a payment plan so that we didn’t need to prepare a large sum of money at that moment. He took care of everything regarding the electrical company and required approvals. Despite being Sydney, I did not have to be at the site to know how the work was progressing. Even though I never visited the commercial building during the project, I had peace of mind knowing that the work was going well. Mick was honest, trustworthy, responsive, and responsible with the work that was given to him. The quality of work was magnificent, and he was the best solar contractor we have ever met. You can experience for yourself when you deal with Mick and Solar Sparkies whether this review is just words or a fact. Now, thanks to solar, we don’t need to use most of the electricity being supplied to us by the electrical company. I cannot recommend him highly enough and I can proudly introduce him to other people I know as well.

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